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Rory and Quinn: 5 Months

twins, 1st year, progression, growing up, chalkboard wallThe two of you are five months old now….Quinn, you’re actually five months and 2 minutes old, if you want to get technical, having stormed into the cold delivery room just moments before your younger (but much larger) brother.

People say time is relative but I’d say time is funny….and family is relative.  Five months seems like a quick drop in the bucket, sand in an hourglass, a quick fart in the diaper of life, but it seems like years ago that Jade was pregnant and the two of you were hiding shyly inside her fleshy incubator.

I walked past our television earlier today and saw the first family photo we ever had taken – a young and handsome doctor that wasn’t very good at giving epidurals had snapped it on our digital camera in the delivery room moments after they’d handed both of you to me.  I sat with one of you in each arm and Jade laid stretched out on the table, her arms tied down like a death row inmate and click.  The photo is ours forever.  It just seems like a long time ago.

I put you into your cribs at night and you’re too tall to lay sideways anymore.  In fact, you’re both so big that we have you sleeping in your own cribs now.  We’d put you both in the same crib, on separate sides, and you’d fuss a little and then slowly go to sleep………and then you’d slowly start crawling towards one another and, once you found your sibling, you would start punching and kicking them.  Then the screaming would start.  Game over.

We separated you a few weeks ago and I think it’s fair to say that all four of us are sleeping better now.  Mostly you’ll each wake up only once or twice in the night and often times one of you will actually just sleep straight through.

You’ve both begun to mumble quite a bit but Rory is definitely taking the lead on vocality.  We have a little baby monitor that sits in your room and while we go to sleep we listen to you mumble in the dim light.  “mmmrrr…..scwaahhhh……sshhhmmmeeee….we-we!”  It’s pretty funny…..but at the same time sort of creepy because it sounds like a demon.  You also do this really low growl that sends shivers up my spine.  We’ll be changing your diaper and you’ll look right at us and in a raspy wheeze go, “hhhhrrrrrr habba-habba.  Grrrrr rabba-rabba”.  It really does sound like you’re trying to cast a spell on us.

You’re both sitting up now (sort of) but I’ve gotta say that I think Quinn might be galloping into the lead with stability.  Maybe it’s because she’s lighter?  Rory, you’re like a little cinder block with a face and Quinn is like a feather with a gummy smile.

One of my favorite things to do lately is to face the two of you towards one another and watch you play.  You reach out and touch each other’s toes.  You chew on each other’s fingers.  You steal each other’s toys.  You both cry.  It’s loads of fun.

We’re heading back to South Dakota in about two weeks for your first 4th of July and ALSO your first plane ride.  I’m really excited about the plane ride and I don’t really know why.  Everyone has said that traveling with babies is a terrible, terrible experience but I believe in you!!  You’re going to do just fine.  We’re going to get on the plane and people will love you!  You’ll steal the show – just like a thief at a comedy club!

By this time next month we fully anticipate seeing some shining ivories.  We suspect that Rory may be beginning his teething campaign as of yesterday and Quinn I’m sure is not far behind.  I’m trying to spend as much time with you as I can and enjoy every minute because I’m sure that in six months I’m going to look back at a photo of the four of us sitting on the floor, me half supporting Quinn and Jade trying to soothe Rory’s sore gums and I’ll think to myself – that wasn’t that long ago but you’ve changed so much…

4 Months

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Rory and Quinn: 4 Months

“Little boys should never have to go to sleep because every morning they wake up one day older”.  That’s not an exact quote but it’s definitely an exact paraphrase of something someone said.  And it’s true.  In fact, it’s usually one of my final thoughts before placing each of you into your crib.  I look at you now, today, and realize that you’re much bigger than the day I first met you.  You’ve both grown and changed and…..”matured” isn’t the right word but I’ll use it anyway.  Your faces are filling out and your limbs are getting stronger.  You both smile more and more and you laugh constantly.

This month you’ve both taken a serious notice of one another – uh-oh, it’s 12:54am at the time of this writing and I’m suddenly hearing little noises percolating from the bedroom…….it’s Rory, up for his midnight feeding.  Hello there, little buddy.  When you were born you used to grunt while you slept and while you ate. Now, about three days ago you started to “talk” during any time you weren’t sleeping or eating..  Actually, I suppose it isn’t very fair that I put quotes around that word.  If tonality says anything at all, you both have a mouthful to say to anyone that will listen.  You screech, mumble, warble and sing, sometimes to me, sometimes to your mom, sometimes to your sibling and sometimes to yourself.  I walked into the bedroom a few afternoons ago after getting out of the shower and found you, Rory, lying in your crib on your side, humming like an infant mogwai.

For reference of what a mogwai is, please google search the term, “mogwai”.  Sidenote: Quinn, you sort of resemble a mogwai.  Trust me, it’s okay and is a heck of a lot better than resembling a golem.

I love listening to the two of you make sounds.  Rory, your noises are more like songs and coos while Quinn’s, yours are more in the vein of laughs and screeches.  If you are upset you put your fists down at your side and go, “eeeeEEEEEE!!!!”  When you do this I shake you a little and you laugh, haha.

We also recently purchased you each your very own Johnny / Jenny Jump Up.  We plop you down in this swing that hangs from the door frame and watch you bounce…truth be told there’s not a HUGE amount of jumping that’s happening…..YET…..but I’m sure it will begin shortly.  Currently you both mostly just hang there and stare at one another, swinging around and gently pushing yourselves in one direction or the next.

I’m really enjoying watching you grow but, as usual, it holds a side of bitterness to it.  You’re both rolling over, making noises and beginning to grab things with your hands – you’re turning into toddlers!!  Today we gave you both your first taste of mushy rice cereal and you LOVED IT!…..just kidding.  Quinn, you began to lap it up like a dog but I’m not totally certain you a.) enjoyed it or b.) knew what you were doing.  Rory, you just started to cry.  Perhaps you’d enjoy it more if we splashed a little soy sauce on it?

I’ve started working nights and this last week with the two of you has been fanTASTIC!!  I am so happy to be blessed with additional time to spend with my kidlets during the day.  Working the standard 9-5, I missed you so and was feeling cheated out of a more time-dynamic relationship.  Now the flood gates are open and we get to spend nearly the entire day together before I go to work at 6:30.  It’s GREAT!!

That said, I do enjoy the weekends when I stay up late all alone, trying to remain on my night schedule, when I hear one of your mews from the back room and I rescue you from the dark, bring you into the light and feeding your hungry bellies.  It’s phenomenal having you both around but it’s also nice to get some one on one time as well.  I truly cherish our time together and am always more and more excited to see the people you are becoming.  Will you hate onions?  Will you like rock ‘n’ roll?  What will your favorite color be?  You’re here in our arms but there are so many unanswered questions.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll discover it all together.

3 Months

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3 Months

Rory and Quinn.

Looking at our monthly photos amazes me.  It’s incredible to see how you’ve grown so much in just the last 30 days.  Where you were once so easily carried around with one arm you are suddenly requiring the constant assistance of two.  Watching you grow and change has been an amazing treat but it also saddens me in a strange way.  Part of me looks forward to the days when you will crawl and walk and talk but another part of me just wants you to stay as you are – as our cooing babies.  You are wonderful little people and everyday I find myself loving you more and more.

I suppose that since I can’t control time nor the human growth element (yet…) I should just embrace your amazing process and run with it.  Just promise me that you’ll never be too cool to give me hi-fives.

Earlier this month your mom and I decided to embark on a well deserved vacation up to San Francisco to visit some good friends of ours.  Were we expecting the trip to be different than what we were used to, traveling alone or with dogs?  Yes.  Was it different?  DEFINITELY.  Was it more difficult?  Sometimes.  Was it more fun?  Sometimes!  There’s something strangely exhilarating about changing a babies diaper in the front seat of your car in a light drizzle at a gas station in a town you’ve never been to.  There’s something romantic about waking up at 3am in a strange hotel and watching Mtv with your family.  There’s something illuminating about buying beer then realizing that you don’t have a bottle opener and getting on YouTube to find a “How-To-Open-A-Beer-With-Your-Keys” video.

Rory, you fuss less and less as the days go on and Quinn, your eyes get bigger and bigger.  Rory, you’ve begun to thrash your arms and legs around, swiping at little objects and slapping me in the face while I sleep.  Quinn, you’ve begun to roll over, mostly onto your side and ALMOST onto your stomach.  Rory, you don’t even try to roll; you prefer laying face down and, from one deranged mouth-breather to another, that’s okay with me.  Quinn, you laughed for the first time when your mom was giving you a bath a few weeks ago.  The sound of your coos makes us smile; you’re becoming quite a noisy baby and will “talk” with us if we ask you questions.  Your big gummy smile cracks me up.  Rory, you drool…a LOT.  Honestly, I’m not even so fearful of you smothering yourself in your blankets as I am of you drowning while you sleep.  We put bibs on you in the middle of the day just so you don’t get your shirts soppy wet.  Quinn, you’ve begun waking up at 6:30am pretty consistently.  You are not hungry.  You are not wet.  You just want to play.  You cry until someone sits you up, at which point you look at us, smile, laugh and then start to coo.  I don’t even care that it’s 6:30.  Rory, you sleep all night….you actually sleep all night and most of the day.  The other day you slept 10 1/2 hours.  You are a true professional and you take your rest very seriously.

Everyday I leave to go to work and everyday I think about you all day long.  It’s tough to be away from you for such stretches…..maybe I should tape a picture of myself to the ceiling above your crib?  Maybe I should get you a live webcam?  When I come home and pick you up, it is clear that you recognize me and laugh.  You both do it and those two moments are the absolute highlight of my day.  We’ve got more family coming to town soon – Your Aunt Theresa, who you haven’t met yet and your Grandma June is coming back for her second visit and I think they’ll both be pleasantly surprised at how big you’ve gotten and at how much Rory drools.


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Two Months

Happy two month Birthday, Rory James and Quinn Marie!  I guess what they say is true – time really does fly when you’re mad with sleep deprivation and tottering on the edge of delirium!  WEEE!!

Rory, you fell asleep in my arms a few nights ago while I was watching a Roseanne marathon on Netflix.  (Netflix is something that will have probably come and gone by the time you’re old enough to understand….Roseanne is forever).  I took you into our bedroom to lay you in your crib and noticed how strangely big you’d gotten all of a sudden.  It seems you’ve almost doubled in size and the box of “old” baby clothes that we just packed away seems to attest to that.  In some regards it’s sad – seeing you growing up so quickly and watching as certain aspects of your “newbornness” get piled away but it’s also very exciting and amazing.  You’ve become less fussy over the past few weeks (Praise God!  Thank you, Jesus!  Shalom and peace be with you!!) and you’ve actually begun to smile, seemingly under your own will.  You see, previously you’d only lift one side of your lip up into the air ala Elvis but I think you were mostly in the throws of a milk enduced bender.  You’re getting heavier and heavier as well.  Your last doctor’s appointment weighed you in at an astounding 12lbs 7oz and 24.6″.  You, my friend, are a meatball, deep fat fried and covered in cheese.  Don’t worry though, I hear you grow into it at around 14.

Quinn, gentle Quinn.  At 10lbs and 22″, you sit silently on the couch, lying in wait for your perfect opportunity.  You lure your victims in with your large doughy eyes and cunning smile.  You paralyze your grandparents and our friends with your Gerber Baby face and then, when their defenses are down, you strike.  With the wail of a wild banshee and the redness of a cherry tomato, you scream as though you were being drawn and quartered.  It is a rarity for The Fireball to ignite but when it does, everyone should be warned to stand back and, in the event that they are caught in the line of fire, stop, drop & roll.  You’ve recently become much more alert, holding your head up for minutes at a time while gazing at the world around you.  People stop us on the street to say, “Look at that baby!  She just has so many facial expressions!” and then they see that we’re each carrying a child and they say, “You have two!” but Rory is usually asleep, his fists clenched, dreaming about punching something.

Our nights were getting better and our sleep was getting longer and then….we don’t really know what the heck happened.  Suddenly you decided to move back to three feedings a night and refuse to shut your eyes once you’d woken up.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I feel like you don’t understand how truly delicious sleep can be and I have no way to tell you yet but let me just say this….If I have to be up with two people screaming at me to shovel food down their gullets, I’m glad it’s you two.


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36 weeks

Ok, guys.  If you were waiting for an official invitation to come out……let me take this moment to officially invite you to come out.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  I’m beginning to think you’re worse than Clementine when she gets wind of an impending bath – battening down the hatches cause it’s going to take nothing but sheer force to drag you out of your hidey hole.  I promise you’ll like it once you get here.  Change is good!

Pregnancy naustalgia is falling to the wayside to be replaced by an end of pregnancy discomfort that I never imagined one could feel.  I think women friends conspire to leave out these little details because it’s too depressing for the impending mommy.  I literally have to pee about every half an hour and in the words of your dad, “Your hands and feet look like creme filled snausages.”  Sexy.  We have completed about 18 of the 29 ways to start labor tricks.  Honestly, I’m losing hope in this already.  You guys don’t seem to be affected in the least by all our shenanigans.  I even galloped around the house like an idiotic horse for about 10 minutes…………..ridiculous and shameful desperation.

Both of your Grandma’s are here now too.  They came in for the big show.  Starting to kind of feel like we’ve all gotten dressed up for prom and then got ditched by our dates around here.  But we’ve cheerfully added them to the Ultimate Humiliation contest while we wait.

Had another appointment with the doctor this week and had our c-section rescheduled to the 6th now so it’s potential that your birthday just got shifted a day later for the rest of your lives.  Still hope we don’t make it that far but at least that extra day skated us out of getting an amniocentisis done.  Big needle going into my belly = horrific.  Have I ever mentioned to you my paralyzing fear of needles?  Bad news for me is that she said you two are nowhere close to coming out.  You must really like it in there.

Did I mention we have tamales straight  from the cart out here………eh? Eh?

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29 weeks

Sleep?  Why yes, I remember a time when I achieved 8 hours a night.  But it was……so long ago.  It seems like a myth, a legend.  I can faintly recall a time when I would fall asleep at 10:30pm and sleep soundlessly and peacefully until 7:30am.  No longer.  Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to one of you gently stomping on my bladder while the other one climbs carelessly into my ribcage.  “What are you doing in there?” I ask and only receive two swift kicks to the midsection for my unwelcome curiosity.

During the day I shuffle around, a zombie, massaging my belly and droning on slowly about “Sleeeeeeep.  I want sleeeeeep”.  I’ve rummaged through all of our closets and pulled out any additional pillows we have, throwing them on the bed, tossing them under my abdomen, between my knees, beneath my hips, trying to trick my body into believing it’s comfortable.

Perhaps this is God’s gentle way of preparing us for what’s coming…….or perhaps this is God’s cruel way of punishing me for being a woman.  John has been rubbing my back and lubing my torpedo-esque belly up with both baby oil and olive oil.  I don’t know if the latter actually helps but I read somewhere that it does wonders and, low and behold, no stretch marks on the belly…….yet.

Your dad has been reading you parts of Moby Dick, Ender’s Game and Corduroy.  The first is about a monstrous whale that eats people, the second is about a boy who destroys an entire species of aliens and the third is about a fuzzy little stuffed animal that gets lost in a mall.  Look at you, not even zero and you’re already SO well read.

Two days ago John blew a raspberry on my belly and freaked one of you out….BIG time.  You leapt and lashed out with your foot, kicking him in the face.  It was a serious power house move – something Jean Claude van Dang would have done.  It was so funny I asked him to do it again.  The second time was so funny I asked him to do it again but he became afraid that he was going to give you a complex or blow out your eardrum.  Allow me to explain…..your father is a wonderful person but is a serious neurotic mess.  For example, it makes him exceptionally nervous when remote controls are pointed at him, he won’t stand in the same room with a microwave and he blatantly REFUSES to drive over 30mph when not on the freeway.

Earlier in the week we went to a birth class at Kaiser that explained what to expect when you’re expecting a pregnancy.  During the graphical recreation of a birth a middle aged gentleman passed out in front of like 60 people.  Some doctors and security guards came in and escorted him out, his wife in tow.  I bet they were both really embarrassed.  Weakling.

We started writing out your birth plan and thinking about what to bring in our overnight bag during our hospital visit. Grandma Kathy brought us a suitcase filled with your dad’s old baby clothes last month and you’ll be wearing some of them home for your very first trip.  This whole situation is really blowing our minds.  We are SO excited to see what you look like and sound like and we are so incredibly excited to meet you and introduce you to the world at large.  Do you know what Taco Bell is?  Can you say “Chalupa?”

Seven weeks is right around the corner and it’s probably going to sneak up on us faster than we imagine.  In fact, I’m already having anxiety dreams where I lose you in stores, forget your names and can’t tell you apart and ones where you don’t like me.  Even your dad had a dream a few months ago where one of you was the wrong ethnicity and he forgot to name you and our dogs didn’t like you.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a solid night long dream…..

Have you ever heard of a baby shower?  It’s mostly a bunch of chicks getting together and heeing and hawing over doilies and flowery diapers.  Boo.

For YOUR baby shower a bunch of our friends got together to throw us / you a twin themed costume party.  The twin girls from The Shining showed up, The Hammer Bros. made an appearance, Copy / Paste, Batman and Robin and…..The Minnesota TWINS were all there!!  We were even lucky enough to have both grandmas out here for your big event; one dressed as a proctologist (butt specialist) and the other as a 2 pair (I’ll let you guess where John gets his neurotic tendencies.  HINT, it’s not the 2 pair).  It was amazing!  Your dad wanted to either go as Twin Mattresses or the Twin Towers and since I considered the second to be in poor taste we opted to make our costumes from our (my) bare hands.  Below you can behold the photos.

Finally, a call from our tax adviser this evening advised us that you being born before the end of the year would be quite a  BIG benefit to your ol’ folks’ government contribution – so pack your bags.  You’re gonna be Christmas babies.

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27 Weeks

You have officially moved in this week!

Coffee mugs and extra sets of dishes were pushed aside to make way for a barrage of bottles.  I love to open up your closet and look at all your little clothes hanging there on those ridiculous little baby hangers.  And don’t get me started on the socks!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of baby shower gifts have been arriving in the mail this last week and almost ALL require some sort of assembly.  I’m sorry to inform you of this already (you would have eventually found out on your own anyways)………but your parents are idiots.  Seriously though, you almost have to be a rocket scientist to properly assemble all these gadgets.  But thankfully after a lot of duct tape and a few curse words, we managed to monkey it together for you crazy kids.

I’ve definitely entered the “nesting” phase of this pregnancy…….either that or I’ve had a psychotic break and decided to hand scrub the couch just for kicks.  🙂

Lab results came back and we passed the gestational diabetes test!  Yay!  We have another appointment with the good Doctor later on this week to make sure we’re still on the right track with everything else.  I’m predicting some serious growth because you two are starting to feel HEEEAAAAAVY.

I’ve been thinking about you guys more and more in the last couple of days – I can’t believe how in love with someone you can be without ever meeting.  It’s a wonderful and completely terrifying feeling and has an intensity that I never expected or anticipated.  We’re so excited to meet you!  Everyday feels like the day before Christmas Eve and you know you’re going to get to open some sweet sweet presents.

9 more weeks!  Feels like a lifetime but it’s probably better if you stay in until then.  Besides……we’re still trying to figure out how this stupid stroller works.

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