Brought to you by The Letter A

An aloof Apple, an angry Artichoke and an aplomb Apricot adventured around America in autumn. All were afraid of alligators in Alabama’s arid acres. They ate an amplitude of acrid almonds as they advanced on airy Arizona, and ammonia aromas arose in arcane Arkansas. Arctic Alaska appeared with an abundance of animals; abalone, albatross and amphipods. After visiting an arboretum in Anchorage filled with alder, ash and aspen, an archaic aircraft ascended the alliance across the Atlantic to Argentina. An aborigine arrived with an approbate to attract anyone at all absorbed about the allure of auburn alpacas. “All are assured to be agog and in awe if they attend Arnold’s Amazing Alpaca Attraction!” announced the advertisement. After acquiring admission, the association advanced after the audience. The adamant animosity of Adrian Alpaca was apparent. Artichoke assessed, “This alpaca’s anally altered attitude is not admissible. We acquired access to this affair!” Although the artichoke was angry, the apricot was assuaged and assured. The apple, as accustomed, avoided accusations. After the auditorium arose agitated, Arnold, the Alpaca’s admiral advisor, asked his animal to admonish Artichoke’s attitude. Adrian ate Apple, Apricot and Artichoke apace. He was afterwards acquitted. Although Apple and Apricot were not audible, they achieved alike asunder as Artichoke. Always be aware of who you appoint as acquaintances.

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4 thoughts on “Brought to you by The Letter A

  1. That was simply Awesome! !!!

  2. Marge Bollack says:

    You goofy kid!

    Are you stuck on “A”s today?

    Love ya, Marge


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