Mornings with Children | Day 27

DAY 27


My son loves to turn on the water faucet in the bathroom.  He’ll crawl up on the toilet, lean over onto the sink and turn the water on and off, on and off, on and off while his mother and I shout from the other room to stop because, “Don’t you know that the Earth’s water resources are drying up?” and “Hey, do you think money grows on trees!  I’m footin’ that bill!” and I suddenly realize that I sound just like every parent everywhere, the world over.

This morning we hear him shout, “AH!  Mommy!  AH!  AH!” and we both stroll into the bathroom to find that he’s crawled far enough onto the sink to lose his footing on the toilet but not so far as to be able to pull himself completely up.  The edge of the sink crosses his belly, his hand gripping the faucet handle, his feet dangling into open air.  “MOMMY!  DADDY!”

We stop and stare at him, neither of us making a move.  Rory turns the faucet on and off again and says, “Wah-ter”.  Jade says, “Looks like you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle this time” and I casually stroll back into the living room saying, “I’ll get the camera.”


My daughter has a fierce dedication to give the best kisses that she can.  I’ll squat down next to her in the mornings, just before I’m getting ready to head out the door and I’ll say, “Can Daddy have a kiss?” and she’ll give a quick peck on the lips and go, “MAH!”, which is the universal kissing noise.  I say, “Oh, thank you!  That was very nice of you!” and she’ll lean in again and go “MMMMMAH!” and give me a longer kiss and then giggle and I’ll say, “Okay.  Daddy has to go.  Bye bye!” but then she’ll lean in, wanting to give me just one more.

She’ll come in real slow, making the buzzing noise, “MMMMM–” and she kisses me and I sort of start to laugh while she’s doing it because she’s basically just pressing her face into mine and going, “MMMMMMM–” and then it gets to the point where it actually sort of starts getting awkward and uncomfortable so I slowly step back and she goes, “–MAH!” and laughs.

Rory will try to kiss you with his mouth open, which is just an entirely separate story altogether.

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