Mornings with Children | Day 5


At night, when we put our kids to sleep, we have a pretty standard routine that plays something like this…
Change diapers while they struggle.
Put children in pajamas while they struggle.
Play in bedroom, which lately has consisted of sliding the closet door open and closed, open and closed, open and closed before finding weird old bibs and asking if they can wear them backwards like capes.
Read story after they begin shouting, “Bok!  Bok!”
Place children in respective crib / bed.
Say prayers; the same ones my mother taught me as a child.
Wind up music box that plays “It’s a Small World”.
Kiss Rory….
…and then….
…one of my favorite parts of the evening…I don’t know why or when she started doing this but she hides.  She takes her favorite blanket (the one she’s most recently attached herself to) and hides underneath of it and is very still.  She knows that her kiss comes right after Rory’s so she waits until I’m done saying goodnight to him before she burrows down like a subterranean nocturne.  She giggles underneath the sheet, trying to contain the excitement, probably wondering if I’m going to tickle her or bite her.  Sometimes I pretend that I don’t see her and I say, “Where’s Quinn?” and sometimes I simply don’t do anything.  Sometimes I just wait above her blanket and wait for her to crack.  I wait for her to peak and then, like a Black Mamba, I strike!!  And she laughs and laughs and it’s a great way to end the day.
This morning, after breakfast, Rory shook both of his hands in the air; this is the universal baby language sign for “I’m done eating, get me out of this chair”.  So I double check with him real quick, I say, “Are you all done?” and he says, “Yeah” and I say, “Okay, good boy.  You ate your fruit and drank your juice!  Let’s get you down”.  I lift him out of his seat and I set him on the ground and he grabs my hand and doesn’t let go.  I look down at him and I say, “What’s up, buddy?” and he just starts walking through the kitchen, towards his bedroom.  This is very out of character for him; to be “touchy-feely”.
I turn to Jade and I say, “I think he wants to brush his teeth” and I look down at Rory and I say, “Do you want to brush your teeth?” and he just keeps walking.  He walks into his bedroom, pulling me behind him, all the way over to the corner, stops, looks at me and stares.  I say, “What’s up?  Are we just on a little tour?” and he grabs my hand and begins leading me out of his room and into the living room.
I’m 20 minutes late for work and need to leave but am loving just soaking this attention up.  SO DRAWN!!  I squat down next to him and I say, “I’d love to stay here and play with you all day but Daddy has to go to work” and he says, “NO!” and I say, “Let go of Daddy’s hand” and he shouts, “NO!” and I try to wriggle him off because now he’s actually clinging to me and I say, “Rory…buddy.  I really want to stay but I really have to go to work” and I slide his sweaty little fingers off of me and it breaks my heart because I genuinely DO want to stay and play.  My son is not a very affectionate child, so when he wants to sit on your lap or hold your hand… you just drop everything and do it because those moments are few and far between.
Stupid work.
He runs to the door and begins clawing at the knob.  “NO!!  NOOO!” he shouts while I ponder the best maneuver to actually get out of the house.  I repeat, “Roar, buddy.  I’ve got to go to work” and he repeats, “NOOOO!  NOOOOO!  NOOOOO-HOOOO!!!”.  I open the front door and he tries to squeeze past me, he tries to go between my legs.  He’s literally on the floor shoving his face between my boot and the door, not wanting me to leave him behind.
Eventually, his mother has to come over and pick him up and I give him a kiss and I say, “I’ll see you soon”.  I shut the door, muffling his screaming.  I smile as I walk off the porch and I know that he loves me.

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