Monthly Archives: February 2012

R and Q: 13 Months

A Letter to My Daughter

Quinn, I’m sitting in a parking garage on my lunch break writing this to you.  I can see your face perfectly in my head but I wish you were here with me, or even better, I there with you.  I pray for you every day.  And I pray for your mother and myself every day.  I pray that we have the patience, wisdom and heart to do what is right by you.  I look into your eyes and I can see so much love in them – great big blue sparkling pools.  In your smile, in your laugh, I know you have it in you to grow into a wonderful and compassionate human being and I pray that your mother and I do everything in our power to nurture that.

A Letter to My Son

Rory, you scared us this month after waking in the middle of the night with a hacking cough that – quite literally – took your breath away.  I pray that one day you have a son of your own to love as I love you and I pray that his spirit is as unbreakable as yours.  And I pray that you experience the fear of losing him because that will show you how deeply you care.  As you grow, you will make mistakes – learn from them.  Never be embarrassed to apologize if you are wrong.  And ALWAYS say please and thank you.  I know you will be an incredible man but until then, I will make mistakes time and again but I promise you I will try my best, so when I do stumble, please forgive me.