Two Months

Happy two month Birthday, Rory James and Quinn Marie!  I guess what they say is true – time really does fly when you’re mad with sleep deprivation and tottering on the edge of delirium!  WEEE!!

Rory, you fell asleep in my arms a few nights ago while I was watching a Roseanne marathon on Netflix.  (Netflix is something that will have probably come and gone by the time you’re old enough to understand….Roseanne is forever).  I took you into our bedroom to lay you in your crib and noticed how strangely big you’d gotten all of a sudden.  It seems you’ve almost doubled in size and the box of “old” baby clothes that we just packed away seems to attest to that.  In some regards it’s sad – seeing you growing up so quickly and watching as certain aspects of your “newbornness” get piled away but it’s also very exciting and amazing.  You’ve become less fussy over the past few weeks (Praise God!  Thank you, Jesus!  Shalom and peace be with you!!) and you’ve actually begun to smile, seemingly under your own will.  You see, previously you’d only lift one side of your lip up into the air ala Elvis but I think you were mostly in the throws of a milk enduced bender.  You’re getting heavier and heavier as well.  Your last doctor’s appointment weighed you in at an astounding 12lbs 7oz and 24.6″.  You, my friend, are a meatball, deep fat fried and covered in cheese.  Don’t worry though, I hear you grow into it at around 14.

Quinn, gentle Quinn.  At 10lbs and 22″, you sit silently on the couch, lying in wait for your perfect opportunity.  You lure your victims in with your large doughy eyes and cunning smile.  You paralyze your grandparents and our friends with your Gerber Baby face and then, when their defenses are down, you strike.  With the wail of a wild banshee and the redness of a cherry tomato, you scream as though you were being drawn and quartered.  It is a rarity for The Fireball to ignite but when it does, everyone should be warned to stand back and, in the event that they are caught in the line of fire, stop, drop & roll.  You’ve recently become much more alert, holding your head up for minutes at a time while gazing at the world around you.  People stop us on the street to say, “Look at that baby!  She just has so many facial expressions!” and then they see that we’re each carrying a child and they say, “You have two!” but Rory is usually asleep, his fists clenched, dreaming about punching something.

Our nights were getting better and our sleep was getting longer and then….we don’t really know what the heck happened.  Suddenly you decided to move back to three feedings a night and refuse to shut your eyes once you’d woken up.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I feel like you don’t understand how truly delicious sleep can be and I have no way to tell you yet but let me just say this….If I have to be up with two people screaming at me to shovel food down their gullets, I’m glad it’s you two.


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5 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Lea says:

    Hi there!

    I just saw your intro on Multiples and More.

    Your story really hit home for me- my husband and I went through something remarkably similar. He was 25 instead of 26, it was the day after we got engaged vs. his birthday, and it was stage four brain cancer as opposed to stage four testicular cancer. We also waited about a year after getting married, and then had twins thanks to the wonders of IVF.

    I started blogging to keep my head in a happy place. Here’s my own take on the whole IVF experience, broken down into simple soundbites:
    Getting Knocked up: Your Guide to IVF
    And here’s a little about me and my husband, M:
    In Which SuperMommy Explains a Few Neuroses

    Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    Just read your post on the multiples website. Wow! What a story. Your picture are just beautiful!!! Congrats on those beautiful babies 🙂

  3. MandyE says:

    I am linking over from Multiples & More…I really enjoyed your interview there, and congrats again on those sweet babes. 🙂 🙂

    What a great snapshot you’ve captured of your babies at two months old…beautiful descriptions that I’m sure you’ll look back on one day and laugh. Best of luck to you, and hoping nighttime sleep comes to you all soon…for me, those first three months were pretty hard at times. I’ve said since then, I can do anything on a full night’s sleep. 🙂

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  5. Catherine says:

    Rory Quinn! It’s me Cora hellooooooooo!

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