36 weeks

Ok, guys.  If you were waiting for an official invitation to come out……let me take this moment to officially invite you to come out.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  I’m beginning to think you’re worse than Clementine when she gets wind of an impending bath – battening down the hatches cause it’s going to take nothing but sheer force to drag you out of your hidey hole.  I promise you’ll like it once you get here.  Change is good!

Pregnancy naustalgia is falling to the wayside to be replaced by an end of pregnancy discomfort that I never imagined one could feel.  I think women friends conspire to leave out these little details because it’s too depressing for the impending mommy.  I literally have to pee about every half an hour and in the words of your dad, “Your hands and feet look like creme filled snausages.”  Sexy.  We have completed about 18 of the 29 ways to start labor tricks.  Honestly, I’m losing hope in this already.  You guys don’t seem to be affected in the least by all our shenanigans.  I even galloped around the house like an idiotic horse for about 10 minutes…………..ridiculous and shameful desperation.

Both of your Grandma’s are here now too.  They came in for the big show.  Starting to kind of feel like we’ve all gotten dressed up for prom and then got ditched by our dates around here.  But we’ve cheerfully added them to the Ultimate Humiliation contest while we wait.

Had another appointment with the doctor this week and had our c-section rescheduled to the 6th now so it’s potential that your birthday just got shifted a day later for the rest of your lives.  Still hope we don’t make it that far but at least that extra day skated us out of getting an amniocentisis done.  Big needle going into my belly = horrific.  Have I ever mentioned to you my paralyzing fear of needles?  Bad news for me is that she said you two are nowhere close to coming out.  You must really like it in there.

Did I mention we have tamales straight  from the cart out here………eh? Eh?

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3 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, I remember so well that feeling at the end of my twin pregnancy, so I won’t give too much advice, other than after I gave birth at 38 weeks, knowing how hard they are to care for on the outside, knowing how intense those first weeks are, knowing how much better they do the heavier they are (and knowing they do nothing but get heavier for those last couple of weeks)– well, in retrospect, despite my intense needlephobia, I would’ve taken a needle in the belly if it meant I could have kept them inside up to 40 weeks! Again, I soooo know the getOUTgetOUTgetOUT! feeling at the end of the twin pregnancy, but I wish I could go back and tell myself that the discomfort and the eagerness to meet them were totally outweighed by the intense exhaustion of their early lives. In spite of the horrid back pain, and the heartburn and the insomnia, I should have enjoyed hefting them around inside me for another couple o’ weeks… Oh, how nostalgic I am now for that time. Wishing you the best as their birth approaches.

  2. Chandra says:

    I can’t get over that picture of Clementine. She looks like the newest cast member of “Walking Dead.”

    Oh yeah, and where them babies at? 😉

  3. I know, they just won’t come out! I told them we have Red Lobster out here. 🙂

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