33/34 Weeks

We’re getting so close!  Literally down to being able to count days now………….

Unfortunately, we’ve still been plagued by the incessant and horrible cough this week but the good news is that the PUPPPS is gone; and if I had to choose one to leave, that would have definitely been it.  Thank you to Grandpa’s Tar Pine Soap, Tea Tree Oil and anti-itch creams.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

We went in for another ultrasound this week to make sure you guys are still growing like little champions.  It was awesome.  By far one of the best ultrasounds we’ve had so far.  We had a new tech and she showed us all sorts of cool stuff going on in your little secret abode.  You’re in there hanging out like ying and yang and we got to see one of you rubbing the other ones head with your cute little baby toes and also got to see that you both have hair!  You are still chubby bunnies too, measuring in at 5lbs 4oz and 4 lbs 10 oz respectively.  This is good.  We’re hoping you both will be well over 6 lbs by D-day.

The time has been passing pretty slowly lately………twidling the thumbs seems to be making things worse.  To try to pass the time, your dad and I have staged the “Ultimate Humiliation” contest in your room.  This competition is a bare knuckled death match gaming contest consisting of Connect Four, Checkers, Yahtzee, staring and arm wrestling.  Whoever has the most wins by the time you’re born is the Ultimate Victor.

And lastly, drum roll please…………..WE HAVE FINISHED YOUR NURSERY!  Finally!  I was beginning to think I would never actually get it done by the time you got here.  I hope you like it and have a lot of fun in there.  Our favorite part is the chalkboard wall and I can’t wait to see you guys coloring on it someday.

Now we just need you two to show up for the party.  T minus 10 days and counting……..

As this pregnancy really starts to enter its’ last days I find myself really excited (almost unbearably so) but at the same time kind of sad.  We’ve had so much fun with you guys through this and have really loved every second of being pregnant and I know that someday, probably many many years from now, I’ll wish more than anything that I could be back here at this moment with you again.  So I’m really trying to soak it in while I still can.  Yes, I’m exhausted, yes, my back hurts, yes, you re-nigged on our stretch mark truce, yes, my toes look like chubby little sausages for no explicable reason – but I wouldn’t trade any of it because I know exactly how lucky we are that we were even able to be here and how close we came to you never happening for us.

We love you both so much already and can’t wait to meet you and show you how wonderful and strange and beautiful and complicated and good this world can be.

See you soon!

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6 thoughts on “33/34 Weeks

  1. Love this post. Love the nursery. I also had terrible itching during the latter stages of pregnancy, it wasn’t explained what it. Was so relieved when it went away after C’s birth. Looking forward to your birth story!

  2. Lenore says:

    WOW I love this room. you did such an amazing job both with the room and the babies! Can’t wait to meet them. We are so happy and proud of you 4 and pray they come to see us all soon. :0) Love, we 3

  3. Jill Cubbison says:

    Okay, I’m not a crier..at all. ever. But, this blog made me teary. I’m more emotional in motherhood I suppose. 🙂 But you’re exactly right to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. And I love how it’s written to your sweet little babies. I love how you include them in this world even though you haven’t seen their perfect little faces yet. And, your nursery is just beautiful! They’ll love it! And they’ll love their mommy and daddy too! So happy for you guys!

  4. nicole says:

    iam sooo curious where did you find the blocks and letter flash cards!!!!! they are super awesome and cute and i would love to get them for my son (he is 5 1/2 months old)

  5. Hi Nicole.

    The blocks are amazing and are from http://www.perpetualkid.com. Probably one of my favorite purchases for the kids to date.

    And the flashcards were snagged off of http://www.kmart.com. I can’t remember the item name but I’m sure you could find them through a search.

    Good luck!

  6. nicole says:

    thank you sooo much!! i am super excited. =D

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