28 weeks

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!  We’ve made it to the 3rd trimester!  When we first found out about you guys (or gals), I remember thinking that your arrival was a lifetime away………….and now it seems like I’ve blinked and we’re almost done.  You could be here in as early as eight weeks (and you’re not welcome here sooner, so don’t get any funny ideas about evacuating the premises).

The Doctress said you’re still okey dokey artichokie and have both most likely settled into a permanent breech position.  I’m certain this is some kind of military strategy one of you thought up as the prime exit strategy from your fleshy prison but have no fear my little captives, I’ve been mentally preparing for the eventuality of the dreaded C-section.  Heck, why not?  Nothing has been very traditional about this pregnancy so far, why shouldn’t we end with a bang (or at the very least a swish-plop-plop).  Rebels from birth I guess.  Thinking outside the box (or womb, as it were).

Upon my last visit The Evil Doctress chastised me for my (get ready for THIS one) “LACK of weight gain”.  Did you know it’s recommended that a traditional (there’s that hideous word again) expecting female gain 50lbs during a twin pregnancy?  Can you believe it?  I can’t imagine she was particularly impressed when I started laughing.  Once I was able to gather my senses, I muttered something about stretchmarks and began to dutifully nod my head, all the while thinking “noted……..and deleted”.

You two may be chubby little cherubs but I’m fighting it tooth and nail.

More new news, we’ve recently entered into the “growing” months of this pregnancy (supposedly it’s you that’s doing most of the growing, but I have a feeling I’m going to get the short end of the stick from our symbiosis).  Have the last few months been practice??  Have you just been warming up?  Biding your time until you could flex yourself up like a little puff fish?  Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder just how my Buddha belly could possibly get any bigger without stretch marks and then I remember…..it probably can’t.

Note to self:  remember to ask Father Dearest to double his strict regime of lotions and oils.  The battle will be fought until the bitter, disgusting, C-sectioning end.

John and I have long ago agreed that we’re not going to do the “twin” thing with you guys – we’re not going to give you rhyming names, dress you the same and refer to you as one singular unit……..but we MAY dress you up in these little Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits because there are some impulses in life that you just cannot ignore no matter how hard you try.  I have heard The Call of the Wild and I have answered.

Thanks so much to the Dickberry family for indulging us in this sinful little literary treat.  Seriously though, how cute are these going to be on you!  You’ll have to remember to thank them yourself when you meet them and learn to talk.  They are incredible people, cancer survivors like your Dad and will no doubt spoil you rotten with things like Fudgie the Whale (when Fudgie calls, you WILL answer).

At sushi the other night (I only eat baked fish with low levels of mercury) we decided to try your names out on a few friends to make sure we weren’t missing something obvious: ie Seymour Buttes or Harry Peritesticles.  It would be terrible if your name were Samuel Oren Brookbank and your initials were S.O.B. or Norman Otis Brookbank because NOB is just a terrible nickname.  All that said, green light is a go.  Everyone really liked our names for you……….or lied convincingly – so I think you have been duelly christened.

8 more weeks left and then you guy’s are getting the BIG eviction notice, so until then, curl up with a good book and try to stop crawling up into my ribcage.

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2 thoughts on “28 weeks

  1. Third trimester! Congrats! My boys were breech, too, and the c-section was not bad at all– I think it’s all about the attitude, and yours seems to be pretty positive.

    Those onesies must be THE gift to get. I got two sets of them from two different people. But cool for us because the sets were in different sizes so we get to continue the fun with the next set, since they’ve already outgrown the first! And yeah, we avoided the rhyming/same letter names, and we almost never dress them alike (maybe we coordinate them, but usually, we just dress them however the clothes come out of the drawer!)

    I ended up gaining 61.5 lbs, and had lost all but ten of that by the start of their second week of life. As far as I understand, if you breast feed, you lose the weight pretty quickly, though most of my BFing mom friends report that there’s about 5-10 lbs of weight that sticks around until you’re done BFing (something about fat stores for the baby? I don’t know…). Anyhow, if there’s one time in your life when it’s okay to gain the weight, it’s when you’re pregnant with twins! Listen to your doctor! (or if not her, read Dr. Barbara Luke’s book, where she talks about maternal weight gain as it impacts the birthweights of your babies and possibly even how long you’re able to gestate them)

    Not that I’m trying to give you unwanted advice, but just to add to the conversation that weight gain during a twin pregnancy can be a good thing and that you’ll very likely lose anything you gain very quickly once they’re born.

    Congrats again on your third trimester! You guys will be parents before you know it!

  2. Congrats on the 3rd Trimester! I absolutely love the outfits. Do they come in t’shirts for toddlers? Let me know the link. I grew up with Dr. Seuss and would love to introduce him to my little man. I also had a c-section and it’s absolutely fine. Just make sure you move around after the 2nd day (as much as it might hurt) as you heal quicker.

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