27 Weeks

You have officially moved in this week!

Coffee mugs and extra sets of dishes were pushed aside to make way for a barrage of bottles.  I love to open up your closet and look at all your little clothes hanging there on those ridiculous little baby hangers.  And don’t get me started on the socks!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of baby shower gifts have been arriving in the mail this last week and almost ALL require some sort of assembly.  I’m sorry to inform you of this already (you would have eventually found out on your own anyways)………but your parents are idiots.  Seriously though, you almost have to be a rocket scientist to properly assemble all these gadgets.  But thankfully after a lot of duct tape and a few curse words, we managed to monkey it together for you crazy kids.

I’ve definitely entered the “nesting” phase of this pregnancy…….either that or I’ve had a psychotic break and decided to hand scrub the couch just for kicks.  🙂

Lab results came back and we passed the gestational diabetes test!  Yay!  We have another appointment with the good Doctor later on this week to make sure we’re still on the right track with everything else.  I’m predicting some serious growth because you two are starting to feel HEEEAAAAAVY.

I’ve been thinking about you guys more and more in the last couple of days – I can’t believe how in love with someone you can be without ever meeting.  It’s a wonderful and completely terrifying feeling and has an intensity that I never expected or anticipated.  We’re so excited to meet you!  Everyday feels like the day before Christmas Eve and you know you’re going to get to open some sweet sweet presents.

9 more weeks!  Feels like a lifetime but it’s probably better if you stay in until then.  Besides……we’re still trying to figure out how this stupid stroller works.

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