Baby Got Belly! 25 Weeks

You guys are now 25 weeks in belly and growing like fat little piglets.  Baby A is weighing in at a chubby 2 lbs 2oz and Baby B is at 1lb 12 oz, respectively.  Which is pretty awesome/scary beings that Baby Center said that a SINGLETON should be weighing in at 1lb 8oz at this point!!!!!!!!  Enjoy it now……this is probably the only time in your life where being chubby will be considered a good thing.

We had another ultrasound today to measure you and make sure all your body parts are exactly where they’re supposed to be.  You are both looking great!  Grandma June was there too and got to see you for the first time.  She seemed to be playing it pretty cool but I think she was a little excited to be seeing you.  We also got to see you battling it out like Ali and Hollifield in there and your dad is finally getting to feel all the left jabs, elbow drops and leg sweeps you’ve been practicing the last couple of weeks.  The look on his face when you kick is so priceless.  It’s part wonder and awe and part horror.

The last week my belly has finally exploded in size!  There is no hiding this megaplex anymore.  It’s pretty cool but truly baffles my mind that my stomach can possibly stretch this far.  I keep insisting that your dad rub various lotions and oils on it in an attempt to stave off stretch marks.  He dutifully does it and, although still successful at this point, I don’t think either of us REALLY expect to make it out of this without a few stretch marks…….but I’ll keep hoping!

We’re rooting for you guys to make it to the 36 week period so keep doing what you’re doing and I will too.  See you in ELEVEN WEEKS!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Got Belly! 25 Weeks

  1. wow. i’m just. SO excited and happy for you and your husband, Jade!

  2. GREAT picture, and Congrats again.

  3. Awesome pics! They are just beautiful. Counting down now.

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