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It’s true, we’re having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Two, actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re friends or family with us or are Facebook “friends” with us, than this is not news to you BUT if you aren’t – if you cautiously spy on us from afar, preferring to peruse our blog freely from time to time, than this is a surprise to you.  It’s true, I really HAVEN’T been visiting my aunt in Massachusetts, I’ve been “with child” and the whole thing is just absolutely scandalous.

John and I are very much from the old school method of not telling anyone (unless you’re trying to beat friends and family from spilling it first on Facebook) about a new pregnancy on the off chance that “life occurs” and since we’ve gone major rounds with all things cancer, IVF and spousal abuse – err…scratch that last one……I SAID SCRATCH IT!!! – we were even MORE cautious about fully announcing this pregnancy until we had reached the stage of viability…basically if said babies were born early, there was still a very strong chance of them being A-OK.  Truth be told, I actually think premies have a certain panache about them.  But seriously, folks – there is no piece of wood big enough (regardless of what John may say) for me to knock on to make me feel that this pregnancy was safe until now.  Call it self preservation.  Hell, if Walt Disney can freeze his corpse and shove it into the labyrinth below Disneyland then I should be able to stick a few good luck coins in my pocket.

So finally we’re here!  This moment has been a long time coming for us so we are both moons over my-hammy to be finally joining the exclusive echelons of Club Parent –  and twins makes it doubly so (pun intended for comedic purposes only).

NOW………gooey sappy stuff over.

We’re I’m scared out of our my minds.  I love babies, but when they start freakin’ like a Mohican I have no idea what to do with them!  Am I supposed to get some sort of mother tooth that grows in right around delivery??????  I’ve read all the books but none of them come with Emergency Kits….

Lying in bed at night I’ll feel a baby give a flying ninja kick to my ribs and instantly break into a smile/cold sweat.  They’re going to be here in roughly 90 days.  90 days!  That’s 10 days short of 100!  I don’t know why, but for some reason that seems significant.  It’s at this point that I start to seriously panic about all things cribs, car seats, electrical outlet plugs and nose booger sucker things.  What. have. we. done?

But then my mind will start to stray towards chubby hands, toothless smiles, pudgy little baby tummies  and it all doesn’t seem so bad anymore……………

Viva la babies!

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