An Afternoon Stroll

I picked up the kids from the cryobank the other day and took them for a little afternoon stroll through Los Angeles on their way to the fertility clinic.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine. SAFETY FIRST!!

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But seriously, if I got into a car accident, I did NOT want to be covered in year old semen.



While I was lugging this 15lb tank of sperm the 4 blocks to the fertility clinic I found myself with some extra time to think. First thought: “I really should be carrying these miniature albino tadpoles around in a stroller instead of a clunky steel aquarium.” Second thought: “If this whole thing works out the way we’re planning, I could be carrying 1/2 of our future kid(s) right now.” That, my friends, is a very strange thought. Thought number 3: “What if I get mugged and they steal my honeypot of baby batter?” I started getting nervous and began walking faster, turning my mind towards the more comforting things we get to experience on this marvelous and romantic journey; pelvic exams and ovarian cramps, etc. etc. SCIENCE!

The finish line for this cycle is not too far off. Egg retrieval is tentatively set for Monday or Tuesday next week depending on how things develop over the next couple of days. Follicle count has leveled out a bit and is standing at 20 on the right and 19 on the left. The follicle sizes are pretty much even across the board (which the nurses say is a good thing) with the largest follicle measuring at 14.6mm (ironically, 14.6 has always been my lucky number). They’ve backed my Follistim injections down from 150 to 75 units daily. I told them I was an over achiever but I don’t think they took me seriously. I sure hope my ovaries don’t over achieve their way to my abdomen exploding.

I still feel pretty puffy in my stomach so I’ve been drinking water and Gatorade like a fish / Gatorade spokesman. My egg retrieval surgeon said Gatorade helps fend off OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome). Sure, sure. Whatever you say lady. At this point I’d chug a gallon Bean-o if I thought it would lessen my bloated Winnie the Pooh tummy………

On a side note, I think all these extra hormones have finally kicked in. I watched Blindside with Sandra Bolluck this afternoon and balled like my family dog died. I’m not much of a crier…….so chalk another new one up to the continuing IVF saga.

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5 thoughts on “An Afternoon Stroll

  1. The Gimlins says:

    LOL! I LOVE the cryo tank strapped into the front seat! That is a photo for posterity for sure. I probably would have had the "what if I'm robbed right now?" thought too. Thanks for the chuckle. What would we do without laughter to get us through infertility?

  2. jrs says:

    glad you strapped the little guys in.good luck on mon or tues. Yeah, I remember being super bloated. it's crazy

  3. Chelle says:

    You are so hilarious. You really do put the fun in it. I'm glad no one stoll your baby batte, and I'm glad you strapped them in in the car. You are teaching them a valuable lesson about safety before they are even aware of it.Good luck with the retreival!

  4. Kate B says:

    15 lbs?? I think you may have an over-achieving husband there as well!xxxxx

  5. rebecca says:

    Wow that is a profound thought about carrying half your children in there! Glad everyone made it safely to the clinic:) Thinking of you & praying all goes well for your transfer next week, sounds like your over achieving embryos are ready for their entrance into the world:)

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