Holy Bruise, Batman!

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Today was a big day…I took my last birth control pill!

(and hopefully forever because I hate them and will never forgive them for that extra 10lbs they gifted me freshman year – college not high school).

Now, I realize that in the crazy little world of IVF, THIS is not a big milestone BUT I am a neurotic psychopathic list person and love crossing things off. I get a thrill from the visual proof of accomplishment, gain, momentum, achievement, etc.

And today I get to cross off BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.

In other news, the Lupron injections are continuing to go fairly well. I think I have managed to slip under the side effects radar pretty well – all except the insomnia. Like clockwork I wake up at 3:00am every morning and cannot for the life of me fall back to sleep. This makes me crabby (poor John) and is starting to make me look like I’ve been going a few rounds with Ali. That said, I suppose we can just chalk it up to baby practice. Plus, considering that one of the other side effects of Lupron is brain splitting migraines, I think I drew the long stick.

John has proved himself to be a fairly accomplished nurse through these injections as well. He even seems to like it – which I still haven’t decided if I think is cute or creepy. It’s definitely helpful having him around but the fact that he insists on wearing the little white skirt is a little disturbing.

The other night he stuck me with old pokey and somehow manged to hit a vein/blood vessel/blood filled wet noodle and that hurt and burned like a mother. It also gushed blood back out of the hole like it was trying to impersonate Ol’ Faithful. John handled the situation and we moved on as if nothing happened. I am however still sporting a pretty healthy bruise 4 days later.

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My next appointment isn’t until the 13th. So until then we will just hold the fort and continue our nightly shots.

A question though……

I’m trying to decide if I should/need to tell my boss that we’re doing an IVF cycle. I’m sure he’ll be fine with it because he’s a really nice guy with really great hair but I’m concerned that the discussion definitely borders on awkward. In a “normal” situation I would never dream of telling my boss that we were “trying” to get pregnant – so do those same rules apply here??????? Advice please. What did you all do? And if you did tell, how did you spill it?

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7 thoughts on “Holy Bruise, Batman!

  1. OnceIwas says:

    I wound up telling my boss (my principal) just because I knew I was going to have lots of subs in my room and wanted her to know why. I'm glad I did, but when I told her I was going to need the day after spring break off for an IUI, she rolled her eyes and said "The doctor can't do it during the break?"

  2. Peaches says:

    I've done 3 IUI's and 5 IVF's over a three year period and I did NOT tell anyone at work. I felt like this was very personal and not something I needed to share. I tried to do all my appointments in the morning and would just tell my boss I had to be off for a "procedure". He never asked any questions.

  3. rebecca says:

    Congrats on passing another milestone! I did tell my boss because I was about to accept a new position the month before our IVF cycle was to start & I felt like it was only fair to tell them upfront I'd have to be out for several appointments. I'm so glad I did too…ended up my boss had also been through IVF & has been one of my biggest champions & supporters through it all! I realize this probably won't be the case with awesome hair boss of yours, but hey he still might end up being a great support during it. But really whatever you decide, it is an intensely personal decision & really you know your boss best, so what do you think?

  4. The Gimlins says:

    We've only done one cycle, but I told my boss as soon as we knew we were planning it. I needed his understanding, especially since I would be missing work for the many u/s and our week to be near the fertility clinic. Fortunately, he and his wife were infertility survivors too. Of course, then most of the office knew. It would have been pretty tough to deal with everyone if our cycle wasn't successful.BTW, I got a bruise just like yours from one of DH's shots. You will remember it fondly later. 🙂

  5. myinfertilitywoes says:

    Sorry for your bruises…Here's my advice since I am in HR: don't tell your boss. People react differently to personal news and unless you're super tight and share a lot of personal things anyway, I would err on the side of caution and just say you're having a procedure done. I know you'll be tempted to share but I really don't advise it… not to be a downer, but there are some lines that are better not crossed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would tell NOTHING to a guy with good hair. I would tell EVERY thing I knew to a guy with BAD hair or no hair. John

  7. cainml says:

    After 9 IUIs and countless ultrasounds and bloodwork, I felt guilty for NOT saying anything. I felt a little flaky for skipping out on work all the time (tho for good reason). Once they knew the reason behind it, they were very understanding and accommodating. They realized that my flakiness was more due to timing and my finicky cycle than from my flaky personality!

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