No Raisins for my Power Animal!

This morning I rolled out of bed at the unholy hour of 6am to beat the LA traffic to my first appointment at our RE’s (Reproductive Endocrinologist) office. One Starbucks coffee, 16,000 cars in LA traffic and an hour and a half later I was sweetly sitting in the front lobby waiting to be called.

Why am I here you might ask?

Oh, well I’m here for a pretty disgusting appointment actually. And because I’m a lady I will spare you the details of WHY it’s a disgusting appointment and just jump right to “they’re checking my follicles to get a baseline of what my ovaries are producing.” Basically they want to know if my ovaries (on their own) are producing little healthy grapes or dry shriveled little raisins.

I was a little bit of a nervous pervous going into this appointment because I’ve been harboring this secret fear that we might find out that I TOO would somehow (in a cruel twist of fate) be infertile. A severely tipped uterus perhaps, or maybe a bum ovary or just maybe the dreaded……..endometriosis.

The fantastic/amazing/good/jumping for joy news is that I have a “textbook” reproductive system. Thank you genetics!

My uterus looked like, well, a uterus. And my little ovaries showed 12 follicles on the left and 16 on the right. The sweet little ultrasound lady said anything above 10 was considered excellent. I’ve always been an obsessive over achiever. Ovaries 28 – Infertility 0.

So now that THAT is out of the way we now move onto the HSG. I’ve scheduled this for next Tuesday and have already convinced myself that I. WILL. NOT. PANIC. I will forget all the horror stories I have heard and pretend that I’m in my happy place with Edward Norton and my power animal.

Incidentally, my power animal is a Sasquatch.

Wish me luck and be sure to tell me how easy an HSG is!

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6 thoughts on “No Raisins for my Power Animal!

  1. rebecca says:

    Woo-hoo, awesome news…what sweet relief huh?! I didn't have an HSG so I can't tell you how easy it was, but remember that no matter what anyone tells you about their experience being good or bad…EVERY person is different. Hope it all goes smoothly for you & you continue to receive good news:)

  2. 'Murgdan' says:

    Yes! That is an EXCELLENT antral follicle count. My HSG wasn't too physically painful at all…though if I had it to do again i would definitely choose to have that little test done elsewhere (NOT where I work). Good luck!

  3. theworms says:

    Visiting from ICLW.Glad first appt. went well. GL at your HSG.

  4. thebarreness says:

    Ah yes, the ultrasound that's not like the ultrasounds you see on TV… I'm very well aquainted! Best of luck for your next round of test results. ICLW

  5. jrs says:

    oh, yeah and HSG is like a walk in the park, only you wish you had brought your pepper spray and handgun to clobber the guy chasing after you. best of luck. it is one of the many rites of passage in this lovely world of IF

  6. raisingmiles says:

    Glad you have Super Ovaries! YAY! HSG was easy peasy for me. It hurt a little like cramps do, but that's it. Take a Tylenol before!

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