The In Between

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Today we woke up to a very lazy Saturday morning. It was the type of day where time has escaped your frame of reference and any thoughts of responsibility have yet to fall upon you. The sun rolling in through the window, it was just the two of us, spending time under the covers, reading, talking and playing with the dogs in bed. We don’t get a chance to start many days this way so it was a nice chance to shut off all the “Noise of Life” and just breathe. I love being able to steal these moments away with John; both of our lives have gotten so busy lately I feel like every time I blink another year has passed.

Later on, as I started to slowly transition through the house and get going with the day I walked by our bedroom door and noticed how empty and disheveled our bed looked – the leftover evidence of our quiet morning; the beautiful soft light trickling in through the window highlighting the rumpled sheets and it was then that I knew I wanted to capture this memory of our lives and somehow hold on to it forever. I started to think about all the amazing moments that are stretching out in front of us and all the memories still to be made: opportunities that will come and go, friends we will make and experiences we will have; and I realized that THIS moment in our lives too, is very fleeting. And before we even know it’s leaving, it’ll be gone. Sometimes very frustrating and trying – we are in the beautiful “in between”. The amazing space that exists while dreaming of our children and making our own family a reality.

Finally, as I stood with my camera in hand staring at our room, my thoughts turned to hope. I began to let myself imagine that someday soon we would be having another beautiful Saturday morning under the covers but this time it would be with our baby (and dogs) lying between us.

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5 thoughts on “The In Between

  1. rebecca says:

    So true, what a wonderful way to capture this moment! I agree that this time really is a "beautiful in-between" where we can enjoy each other, while strengthening our love & creating a stronger foundation for our family to grow!

  2. rebecca says:

    Hope you don't mind I mentioned a little something about your fantastic blog on my posting today, hope it makes you smile & brings you a few more faithful readers:)

  3. Kate B says:

    I can relate. I used to get a moment like this when we were in the car, music playing. I would imagine a child car seat in the back, full and breathing. Every car ride still tickles me to think two seats are now occupied. Dreaming is essential. It means you can still enjoy the now instead of wishing it away xxx

  4. jrs says:

    I really enjoyed your post. I will try to find the beauty in this "in between" stage. That phrase makes it sound like something to be enjoyed and cherished. BTW, you are an amazing photographer. I was checking out your letter B photography site. Wow. You're good. Good luck on your upcoming IVF with ICSI. Given your track record, I hope you beat this like everything else you have been up against.

  5. myinfertilitywoes says:

    I just found you via Find Joy Now (jrs) and loved this post! I'll look forward to following you now – I need some positivity! 🙂

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