Feelin’ Fine in ’09

Here’s a poem I wrote. Read it. Laugh. Cry. Puke.

It’s called

CANCER SCHMANCER (Feeling Fine in ’09)

Cancer sucks
Cancer blows
It makes me feel 100 years old
Its in my bones
Its in my brain
Chemotherapy drives me insane

The IVs stick
And the poison is ick
The medical cocktail makes me sick

I’m stuck in bed
For five days on end
I can’t even phone a friend
Because every sound or imagery
Makes me want to loose my beans
Vomit, dry heave, loose my lunch
My appetite it gone
I can’t do brunch

40 days left and then
I’m on top
F U cancer
you are slop

You took my health
You took my pubes
Now I have to take a tube
of testosterone
So i don’t grow boobs

But I will win
I’ll stay alive
I’ll kick your ass
I will survive

PS. This guy probably won’t survive:

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