Round one of chemo is complete.

Thank God.

Truth be told, it’s not as bad as I was anticipating…..bed-ridden, vomit and diarrhea inducing, chills, fevers…..maybe some crying…..

It was all that, but not to the extreme I was thinking. Sort of like a flu.

I saw one of those posters in the hospital – it’s a picture of a stream and it says, “In the battle between water and the rock, the water will always win. Not because of strength, but because of persistence.”

After dealing with chemo for one day, I thought. No problem.

After dealing with the side effects for the seventh day today, I’m thinking…..nine more weeks? Perhaps it would be easier if I were to throw myself in front of a bus to save a small child……..been hanging around the bus stop lately……waiting for some careless mother to come along….so far no luck.

Came home and laid in bed. Our cocker spaniel Clementine hopped over to me. I thought, “Yes, come here, Clementine. Give me some of that magic you have. Puppy dog tears and euphoric energy. Share it. Make me feel a little better, a little happier about all this.”

She came over, pounced on my stomach and made me barf.

Not exactly what I had in mind but I did feel better later. Gotta keep our eyes peeled for the little miracles.

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